The U.S. is Facing an Active Shooter Epidemic

Who is ASR Alert Systems

There is a mass shooting crisis plaguing the United States. Historically, law enforcement and first responders were tasked to lead the effort to combat the problem. But today, we must all play a role in active shooter response. ASR acts as a key partner to law enforcement, first responders, cities, towns, school districts, hospital networks, places of worship, housing communities, and a rapidly growing number of private and public companies.

The Problem with Traditional 911

Who is ASR Alert Systems



An antiquated process for reporting critical information to first responders during a crisis event



The average police response time to a school active shooter for example, is 18 minutes.*

*Source::  Homeland Defense and Security


Event Time

The average active shooter event takes 13.5 minutes*

*Source: www.policemag.com



First Responders are arriving on scene 4.5 minutes AFTER the active shooter crisis has ended.

The ASR Alert Systems Solution - Saving Time

Who is ASR Alert Systems

The ASR Alert Systems Solution

Who is ASR Alert Systems (6)

With the press of a button, officers & dispatch are directly notified of the incident, along with the address and location within the building.  They know what is happening, where it is happening, who it is happening to and help is on the way immediately.  This significantly reduces response time from Law Enforcement while also notifying all those under attack within the organization/building.  

The ASR Threat Alert system can be installed and implemented across any vertical market, for any business or school, and can even be utilized for outdoor events.  

ASR Alert Systems prides itself on providing ADA-compliant technologies to make safety accessible to all.

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Meet The ASR Team

Hector Delgado

Hector Delgado


Lieutenant Commander Delgado is founder of ASR and is a retired United States Navy SEAL, with over twenty-nine years of active and reserve service.  He has served with SEAL Teams TWO, THREE, FOUR, EIGHTEEN, and Special Operations Command Central and South. Mr. Delgado is also a retired Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Palm Beach County, Florida. Throughout his career, Special Agent Delgado served in a number of positions including being a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), Miami field office. Over the past fifteen years, Mr. Delgado has conducted Active Shooter Response Training seminars around the country and is recognized as an expert in this field. He has served on Governor DeSantis’s Committee on Public Safety during the Governor’s transition. 

Adam Smith (2)

Adam Smith

VP Product Development

Adam brings innovation and technological genius to the ASR team. We lovingly refer to him as the "mad scientist" because he is always creating and expanding the advancements of ASR. This allows us to always be ahead of the competition and ensures we are leaps and bounds above other inferior systems in the marketplace today.

Adam manages the ingenuity behind ASR's patented technology and is heavily involved in the service offering for both our valued clients and channel partners. Adam also leads our Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring program to ensure that our clients are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Michael Connolly

Chief Revenue Officer

With over 35 years’ experience Mike has become an accomplished innovator in the practice of sales strategy and business execution.  He has built a successful career in sales, sales management, business leadership, and sales operations.  It is through his career experiences in working with clients, partners and leaders in business that he developed critical skills in generating consistent growth for the organizations he has worked with. Mike has developed successful go-to-market strategies and improved client relations for companies throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Europe, and Asia with active management responsibilities. Throughout his career in technology-based leadership roles he has transformed business growth for various evolving service and solutions businesses in such specialties as infrastructure, networking, data center, call center, security, cloud technologies, business automation and robotics.

Mike’s responsible for all activities that create and or support revenue streams into our business. Ultimate accountability for driving revenue growth and aligning all revenue-generating departments: Sales, Marketing, Sales Operations and Customer Experience/Customer Success.

Victor Sanchez

Victor Sanchez

Director of Production

Victor is our installation and systems design expert.  There is no job too complex or complicated for Victor and his team.  With an extensive background in engineering and the automotive industry, Victor brings unique skills to the entire philosophy about how we approach each client's system design.  His nuanced approach brings both efficiency and brilliance to each job we take on and Victor approaches each project with the same vigor, no matter how big or small, and always has a smile on his face.

Who is ASR Alert Systems - Our Founder

About Our Founder

With a 30-year career as a law enforcement officer and as a Navy SEAL, Hector Delgado has conducted hundreds of hours of training seminars on the active shooter epidemic plaguing our nation. Real time critical information was a common thread that appeared to present itself at every active shooter incident. With Hector's understanding of the dynamics of critical incident management and communications, ASR was born. ASR was developed to fill the void of passing real-time critical information to first responders and all those under attack. Hector's philosophy was to think as a responder, victim, and attacker which has allowed him to transfer his knowledge and experience to the ASR Team and philosophy.


We understand the Active Shooter Epidemic our country is facing and seek to save lives should crisis strike a school or business.


We understand how to approach safety protocols from a risk assessment perspective for schools and businesses of all types and sizes.

Fast Response

Our patented approach focuses specifically on accelerating notification time to and expedited response from law enforcement and crisis first responders.

Who is ASR Alert Systems?