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Partnerships In Safety

Here at ASR Alert Systems, we are dedicated to bringing you state of the art critical incident response technology in the field on alert notifications to law enforcement and first responders in the event of an active shooter or other crisis.  We are also wholly dedicated to partnering with other industry experts to bring to market an even more robust portfolio of safety.  We encourage you to read about our valued partnerships here.  We continue to evolve our relationships all the time and will continue to bring you updated information on a regular basis.

A&E Systems

A&E (1)

A&E Alarm and Electronics

Trusted in the Security and Fire Industry

For over thirty years Alarm & Electronics (A&E) has been a trusted name in the security industry. The company, which is privately owned, has been licensed and certified by the State of Florida since 1982 as well as certified by Edison Testing Laboratory (ETL). They have been and continue to be instrumental in protecting both large and small residential and commercial structures, government facilities, high tech sensitive telecommunications buildings, and manufacturing and shipping venues.

A&E systems are all installed using up-to-date technology, designed to be affordable and easy to use. Their technicians are all factory trained, Burglar Alarm (BASA), and Fire Alarm System Agent (FASA) certified as required by the State of Florida and their office staff uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) for job plans.

ACG Security Consultants

ACG Security Consultants-1

Preparing Your Staff to Respond to an Emergency

When faced with an emergency situation are you prepared and equipped to respond or are you simply reacting and hoping for a positive outcome?

After calling 911 the average response time to an emergency situation is 4 minutes and It is up to you to manage your emergency during every critical second. 

The key to achieving a successful outcome is to identify your vulnerabilities, put a plan together to mitigate them and train with emergency action plans that can save lives. At ACG, they have the training and experience to conduct your comprehensive Risk Assessment, develop your Emergency Action Plans and conduct on-site training that makes sense for your organization.

Give ACG a call today and work with them to mitigate vulnerabilities, minimize your risk and offer you solutions for responding to emergency situations!

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Ariah Solutions

Ariah Solutions-1Stay Safe, Stay Alert, Stay Alive


1.) Active Shooter Training

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) physical security assessment conducted by a team of subject matter experts who utilize methods based on the current national standard.   This portion takes place on site and is a comprehensive and dynamic evaluation of your establishment's physical security environment internally and externally.

2.) Emergency First Aid

This curriculum has been designed to provide knowledge on the identification of such injuries sustained during an Active Shooter/Active Violent Incident

3.) Medical Kit (R.A.M bags)

RAMBAGS contain useful, safe and easy to use tools you can quickly deploy in the event of an Active Shooter/Active Violent incident. The items in the RAMBAGS are compliant with State Code Enforcement regulations and by The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard and are customized to fit your needs.

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Florida Association of School Resource Officers (FASRO)

Protecting our most precious resource, our children.

The Florida Association of School Resource Officers offers the most advanced and comprehensive training for its members in the state of Florida. FASRO members receive training at the annual conference as well as regional training during the year. The Florida Association of School Resource Officers is the largest state organization of SRO's exceeding 800 members.

Members of The Florida Association of School Resource Officers have dedicated their skills to protecting our schools and our children.

Members receive instruction in juvenile law, counseling skills, development of a referral network, identification and ways to handle exceptional students, classroom training techniques, current trends in SRO programs, and other law-related education.

FASRO was founded in 1979 and began endowing educational scholarships for middle and high school students starting in 1988. During this time period, FASRO has awarded over $100,000.00 to our students to assist them in obtaining their goal of a college education.



NATIONAL Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO)

The National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) is dedicated to making schools and children safer by providing the highest quality training to school-based law enforcement officers.

NASRO, the world’s leader in school-based policing, is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1991 for school-based law enforcement officers, school administrators and school security and/or safety professionals who work as partners to protect schools and their students, faculty and staff members.

NASRO developed the “triad” concept of school-based policing. It divides the school resource officer (SRO) responsibilities into three areas: teacher, informal counselor and law enforcement officer. By training law enforcement to educate, counsel and protect school communities, the men and women of NASRO continuously lead by example and promote a positive image of law enforcement to school children and school communities.

NASRO takes great pride in being the first and most-recognized organization for law enforcement officers assigned to our school communities. NASRO is available to assist communities and schools districts around the world that desire safer schools and effective community partnerships in developing the most effective programs for their communities.

SRO programs across the globe are founded as collaborative efforts by police agencies, law enforcement officers, educators, students, parents and communities. The goal of NASRO and SRO programs is to provide safe learning environments, provide valuable resources to school staff members, foster a positive relationship with students and develop strategies to resolve problems that affect our youth with the goal of protecting all children, so they can reach their fullest potential.

Their report, “To Protect & Serve: The School Resource Officer and the Prevention of Violence in Schools,” provides valuable statistics that document the benefits of appropriately implemented school policing programs.

Their “Position Statement on Police Involvement in Student Discipline,” provides important information on best practices for school policing as it relates to school disciplinary activities.

In association with the National Association of School Psychologists, they created “Best Practice Considerations for Schools in Active Shooter and Other Armed Assailant Drills.”



Texas Association of School Resource Officers (TASRO)

The Texas Association of School Resource Officers (TASRO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation for school based law enforcement officers, school administrators, and school safety/security personnel and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Corporation Laws of the State of Texas for public and educational purposes.

Within the context of its general purposes this corporation is created:

  • For the advancement of education and charity, and any other related or corresponding purposes by the use and distribution of it's funds for such purposes.  
  • To provide a means to disseminate, share, advise, and coordinate information on the value of qualified law enforcement officers to teach elementary school, middle school, junior high school, and senior high school students, the principles of good citizenship, and community responsibility.
  • To demonstrate, by example and other means, the dangers associated with substance abuse, criminal activities, immoral and unethical behavior, and other anti-social behavior.

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