About L.W. Bills

L.W. Bills Company has been involved in commercial and municipal alarm systems since 1925. They have been consulting, designing, and installing public safety equipment and dispatch centers throughout their 90+ years in business and have gained the reputation of doing the job and doing it right. Their policy, and the most important aspect of their company, is service.

Their firm manufactures many of their own products and is also the main distributor of public safety and alarm equipment for the following manufacturers;

  • Zetron radio control consoles,
  • Zetron fire alerting equipment,
  • Signal Communications radio and wire line receiving/transmitting equipment,
  • M/K municipal fire alarm equipment and
  • commercial fire alarm equipment.

They have full machine, sheet metal, and paint shops on-site in Georgetown, Massachusetts. This allows them to custom fabricate all metal works needed for any job. LW Bills has a full carpentry shop, as well as electronics and electrical shops.  This allows them to custom-build all console designs and to control their delivery and costs.

In addition, they have a full complement of line trucks, hardware, and wire to service any municipal fire alarm system.

They hold a Massachusetts State Bid contract which includes all labor and materials, guaranteeing the best prices.

The L.W. Bills Company also offers in-house classes on 100 milliamp fire alarm, radio box fire alarm, and commercial fire alarm.

These classes are at no charge to fire and police personnel.

Service at L.W. Bills

Their team of Master and Journeyman Electricians has over 100 years of combined experience in residential and commercial service and installations.  From new construction to legacy work and additions, they have the experience and expertise to get your project completed on time and on budget.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service - They offer service on all types of alarms-Municipal, Residential and Commercial and are listed on the MA State Bid Contract FIR-04.
  • Bucket Trucks - They have (2) 35′ Bucket Trucks Available.
  • Monitoring - They offer many types of 24-hour monitoring from their central station. Prices start at $250.00 per year

Other services

  • ASR Threat Alert Systems - Install, Monitoring, and Service
  • Signal Communications Radio Box – Repairs and Maintenance
  • Municipal Fire Alarm Reporting – Repairs and Maintenance
  • Zetron Alerting System – Repairs and Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm Installation, Testing, and Maintenence
  • Security System Sales, Service, and Installation
  • Telegraphic Fire Alarm Master Boxes Sales, Service, Repairs, and Installations
  • Dispatch Consoles Sales and Installation
  • Electrical Repairs, Service, and Installation
  • Repairs to Fire Alarm Punch Registers
  • Machine Shop Service
  • Wood Shop
  • Custom Plates and Tags
  • And more!

Locations Served

LW Bills installs and services the ASR Threat Alert System in the following locations:

  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut

If you are interested in having LW Bills quote your ASR Threat Alert System, please fill out the form below.

ASR Alert Systems

The ASR Team ASR Threat Alert Systems

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