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Extraordinary technology is powerful, with extraordinary service behind it. The IST team is exceptionally prepared with decades of experience, persistent training regimens, and organized communications. They are committed to making sure that your system performs optimally, protecting your staff and your facilities around the clock.

The IST team delivers quality electronic security solutions that protect Hawaii’s government, its businesses, and its employees since 1998. Their technical, experienced staff is called upon during all hours of the night, and across the Pacific to as far away as Kwajalein atoll, to support solutions that protect our country’s strategic and economic interests. Local utilities, banks, hospitals, and educational institutions also leverage their outstanding Signature Service to minimize their security risks.

Leading Hawaii to a Safer Place comes with a responsibility that they take seriously. If you’re serious about protecting your staff and your facilities, we’re confident IST can help you. 

The IST Story

Opened in 1998, IST protects the businesses and communities of Hawaii and the Pacific region with industry-leading electronic security solutions. 

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IST services ASR Alert Systems all across Hawaii, Leading Hawaii to a Safer Place each and every day!

If you are interested in having IST quote your ASR Threat Alert System, please fill out the form below.

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If you are interested in an ASR Threat Alert System in our service area, please fill out this form to connect with us today.  We are eager to help you with the patented ASR technology because SAVING TIME SAVES LIVES.  We look forward to connecting with you right away.  Thank you in advance for your inquiry.