About Highland Wireless

Their Vision is to be the Premier radio communications solution of choice through the testimonies of their customers, their vendors, and their team. Their Mission is to provide exceptional communication to their customers through quality, efficiency, and exceptional service while maintaining a commitment to the growth and development of their customer while growing with them.

Lastly, their guiding principles, they honor God in all they do. They inspire trust by being trustworthy. They serve their customers in remarkable ways. They pursue excellence and continuously improve. They contribute to the communities that they serve. They train each of their personnel to be as knowledgeable as possible is their respective areas, and they do so by learning from each other.

The Highland Wireless Story


With two complementary business streams, workgroup communications and fleet management systems, Highland Wireless is a network provider, hardware distributor, systems integrator, and developer. It provides large commercial and government entities such as American Ambulance, Progressive Waste and the Florida Department of Transportation, as well as smaller South Florida businesses, with superior dispatch communications and integrated software solutions.

David Terman, Founder and President of Highland Wireless, has over thirty-eight years of experience in the radio communications industry. He spent twenty-four of these years with Motorola in sales, sales management and network services. After leaving Motorola in 1994, David co-founded Champion Communications Services, Inc., which became the largest provider of UHF trunking services in the U.S., and served as its president and board member for six years. David is a graduate of Auburn University.

Chip McCulloch, Co-owner and Partner of Highland Wireless, began his career in wireless communications with Motorola in 1995. As Spectrum Acquisitions Manager for Champion Communications, Chip built 800 MHz Motorola Privacy Plus Systems subsequently sold to Nextel Communications. Chip is a licensed instrument pilot, a graduate of The School of Accounting at the University of Southern California and is a Certified Public Accountant.



Earning customer’s loyalty through quality and service excellence are the most important criteria for their success. They worry about their customers’ needs before their own and strive to provide the best service possible to anyone who associates with them. A reputation of quality is something they strive to earn.


With the standard of excellence they strive for, a promising future should be the only result. Their profits determine their future and are the results of their performance. They celebrate their wins and share their profits with their people. With abundance they love to give back, and to sustain those organizations and businesses that sustain them.

Our Personnel

Their team is the reason they thrive as a business and they work every day to improve and challenge those around them. Their leadership comes from the bottom up, not the top down, where they all lead in some facet to improve their company and themselves. Their company has many parts but is guided by one vision, everyday they strive to accomplish their goals.


Their innovation comes with leadership. They are not afraid to take calculated risks, and spearhead the race with their competition to become one of the first companies in America to implement cutting edge radio technology. They are constantly on the cutting edge in their field, providing products of ingenuity and quality to their customers.


They honor God in all they do and operate with integrity in all aspects of the business. They aim to do business while being transparent with their customers, informing them of every possible outcome and option. Their integrity is their foundation, corporate policy, and must be their legacy.


They structure their company with efficiency in mind. They work with each other to accomplish their goals, and promote consistency through their work ethic. They work with methods and strategies to measure their success. They refine what works, and eliminate what doesn’t.  They strive to do the best they can, but they’re not afraid of change to improve.


Locations Served

Highland Wireless Services, L.L.C. is a wireless communications carrier headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Highland Wireless has been in the radio communication business in south Florida since January 2001. Today they operate the largest private carrier 470-512 MHz UHF trunked network in Florida having built out Connect Plus and NEXEDGE systems to span from Jacksonville down to the Florida Keys. Their network encompasses Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Community Contributions

Highland Wireless is happy to give community contributions. Highland has a large collection of charities and charitable organizations that they support. Their team is active in participating in what they believe will impact their community for good. They believe that participating is better then spectating, and with every opportunity they get, the Highland Wireless team actively supports local charities with their time, talents, money, and support. If your organization is hosting a charitable event for a good cause, call them at: (954) 376-7400, Highland Wireless would love to donate their radio equipment and give other contributions to your event! Here are a few great causes we actively support:

Highland Wireless Community


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