About Griffon Security

Griffon Security sets the bar for industry standards and best practices when it comes to system installation. They hold steadfastly to these standards because they understand that any system’s value and utility can only rise to its level of installation quality. Understanding how new and innovative technologies function and integrate into various security platforms is their business. Applying this understanding in a thoughtful and creative way to address a client need is their profession. This is what they refer to as Integration with Integrity.

The Griffon Security Story

Delivering Safety and Security for Over Two Decades.

They have over two decades of experience providing security technology solutions within a variety of challenging industrial applications.

Griffon’s solutions utilize products from the foremost electronic security system manufacturers in the industry. Their products are selected based upon Griffon’s high standards of reliability, cost-effectiveness, and value-added engineering.

At Griffon Security, they always take the time to understand each of their customer’s specific needs. They work with their customers to satisfy every unique challenge and provide you with the industry’s most innovative solutions. They greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide their customers with the very best of electronic security system integration services.

Total customer satisfaction is their benchmark. From their expert system design and implementation, to their maintenance and support services, Griffon will be there for you. They always strive to exceed your expectations so that they may have the honor of being your valued security system integration partner.

Locations Served

  • Maine
  • New Hampshire

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ASR Alert Systems

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