About the ASR Threat Alert System


Whether it's a school, a corporate environment, an industrial space, or a house of worship, the reality is that workplace violence is one of the most common forms of violence that an individual may experience. 


In a crisis event, the situation is fast-moving and chaotic. Fine motor skills and memory are adversely affected for those under attack.  Getting help immediately is critical when an attack is happening.


Given our knowledge of these events, we build our systems in a best-practice, best coverage scenario so that, in a life-threatening event, all persons have access to panic buttons immediately and without thought. 

Who Can Benefit from a Threat Alert System?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some common questions about the ASR Threat Alert System and how it works in a real-world crisis.

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Your Questions Answered

  • QUESTION: Does ASR monitor the system 24-7?
ANSWER: Yes, ASR Alert Systems client hardware and the connection are monitored 24-7 with multiple redundancies to ensure our systems are online, functioning, and connecting reliability to first responders in your area.
  • QUESTION: Can your system can integrate into the existing fire alarm and security systems we already have in place?
ANSWER: Yes, ASR Alert Systems has an open API on the back end. We can integrate with a number of different third-party services (i.e. door locking systems, cameras, P.A. systems, scrolling boards, message boards, incident response software, etc).
  • QUESTION: Is there a monitoring charge?
ANSWER: To maintain our DIRECT CONNECTION to law enforcement for our Critical Incident Response Technology our end-users are charged an annual monitoring fee.
  • QUESTION: Do you offer system training once a system is installed?
ANSWER: Yes! All ASR clients are trained on the system function prior to the connection going live to first responders.
  • QUESTION: How does your company sell your product?
ANSWER: ASR’s Patented Product is sold directly to the customer.
  • QUESTION: Can your solution trigger alerts without requiring employees to install an application on their devices?
ANSWER: Yes, ASR does not require applications downloaded to devices. The ASR pendants and mass notification buttons work wirelessly and independently of an app. ASR also provides the option for employees to download the ASR Emergency Alert Application for android or apple iPhone. This is optional and will depend on the consumer's needs.
  • QUESTION: What types of alerts does your solution support?
  1. Active Shooter/Assailant
  2. Medical Emergency
  3. Security Alerts
  4. Severe Weather
  5. Hazmat Spills
  6. Other Emergencies (not requiring outside agency).
  7. Fully customizable alerts based on client needs and building and/or business type.
  • QUESTION: Does your solution provide visual and audible alerts throughout the building?
ANSWER: Yes, The ASR Alert Sirens/Strobes provide visual and audible alerts both to the interior and exterior throughout the building. The audible alerts can be silenced dependent on the client's needs.
  • QUESTION: Can audible and visual alerts be customized by alert type? For example, can an active shooter alert be one color/sound; and a medical alert just displays a visual alert of a different color?
ANSWER: Yes, The ASR system audible alert can be customized to announce a specific incident. The Medical alert when activated displays a different color and audible sound that can also be sent via text and email to staff nurses and CPR-trained employees.
  • QUESTION: Does your solution allow for an automatic alarm to local 911 dispatch centers?
ANSWER: Yes. Once the ASR System is activated, a proprietary notification is sent within seconds directly to police dispatch and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) detailing the address of the building and emergency type which allows real-time information to be received and shared immediately. This essentially skips a step in traditional emergency response protocols.  Additionally, Resource Officers, Sheriff’s Deputies/Police, and First Responders can receive a DIRECT text and email along with critical information on the incident. Precious time is saved when all responding parties are notified simultaneously.
  • QUESTION: Does your system provide indoor hardware-based geolocation for responders to locate medical emergencies?
ANSWER: Yes. ASR has a Medical Alert System. This system is specifically focused on Medical emergencies to aid First Responders, Staff Nurses, and designated CPR-trained employees. By receiving immediate notification of the medical emergency, the response time will be decreased to get to the victim and administer aid. All medical alert button stations and pendants are named to the exact location and personnel assigned.
  • QUESTION: Does your solution allow responders to utilize indoor hardware-based geolocation to locate employees with their pendants?
ANSWER: Yes, both button stations and mobile pendants are named to their exact location (library, cafeteria, etc.) or assigned employee. When the system is activated a link to the building floor plan will appear and identify exactly where the activation originated from. Additionally, upon receiving an alert from the ASR Threat Alert System, law enforcement and those under attack are immediately provided mission-critical information such as:
  1. floor plans,
  2. building schematics,
  3. aerial photographic views &
  4. optional live camera feeds.
This intelligence allows those under attack to make informed decisions to ensure the survival of the attack. Updated alerts provide law enforcement with the route of travel of the attacker.

  • QUESTION: Can alert workflows be customized so that some may automatically alert police/medical, where other types of alerts would not?
ANSWER: Yes, The ASR alert workflows automatically alert police/medical upon activation. Other alerts can be programmed to only notify those within a specific location or building.
  • QUESTION: How does your solution prevent false positives, such as law enforcement being dispatched because an employee accidentally hit a button on a pendant?
ANSWER: False alarm mitigation is built into the assembly of the devices. The Pendant button must be held down for two seconds so accidentally depressing the button will not activate the alert. The wall-mounted alert buttons have a protective cover, tamper siren, and a serialized safety tab to prevent accidental activation. The control station allows a false alarm notification to be sent to first responders and all other personnel entered into the system as requested by the customer.
  • QUESTION: Does your solution depend upon existing network infrastructure, including WiFi?
ANSWER: No, The ASR system operates through an independent infrastructure but has dual path capability in the event the client would like the ASR System to use their network.
  • QUESTION: What is the expected useful life of your infrastructure and hardware?
ANSWER: Indefinite – Exactly like your fire alarm pull station, the life of the ASR components is indefinite.
  • QUESTION: How are your trigger devices (pendant, etc.) powered? How long do the devices last?
ANSWER: As with the hardware, the pendants are battery-powered by Monolithium Batteries with a 7-10-year lifespan. In addition, if the battery declines in strength on any components or malfunctions due to vandalism or other functional issues, an alert is sent to the monitoring station. This is then replaced with a new battery.
  • QUESTION: Does your system have a method to report or allow someone to submit secure and anonymous safety concerns to help identify and intervene upon at-risk individuals BEFORE they hurt themselves or others?
ANSWER: Yes, The ASR Web App is built for accepting anonymous reports. Every client gets a unique URL for submitting reports. The reports are protected from spam with Recaptcha. They are submitted to a designated employee or law enforcement representative email address.

Here is an example of some of the most common behaviors and incidents to report:
  1. Assault
  2. Abuse (physical, verbal)
  3. Bullying or regular intimidation
  4. Bragging about an upcoming planned attack
  5. Depression, anxiety, or loss of self-control
  6. Fighting
  7. Gun Violence / Violence
  8. Harassment
  9. Hopelessness, excessive guilt, or worthlessness
  10. Reckless behavior
  11. Social isolation or withdrawal
  12. Substance abuse
  13. Suicide threats, cutting, or other self-harm
  14. Theft
  15. Threats
  16. Weapons (use of and/or discussion about)
  • QUESTION: What support/warranty length is provided with the solution?
ANSWER: Included with the end-user sale, ASR supports your installed system 5-year maintenance and monitoring contracts.
  • QUESTION: Can your solution integrate with other systems (cameras, etc.)
ANSWER: The ASR System has an open Application Programming Interface (API) and can integrate with Access Control/door locking systems, IP Cameras, and more.
  • QUESTION: How do you accomplish exterior area coverage?
ANSWER: Pendants carried to exterior locations on location grounds provide exterior area coverage. When actuated they alert First Responders and then activate the interior and exterior mounted sirens/strobes.  ASR also has exterior hardware that can be installed per client specifications.  This is often needed for places like athletic fields.
  • QUESTION: Can you manage a large-scale installation outside of normal business hours?
ANSWER: Yes, if needed, ASR will conduct the installation after normal hours and on weekends to expedite the installation and functionality of our system.  Surcharges may apply.

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