Here at ASR Alert Systems, we are dedicated to bringing you state-of-the-art critical incident response technology in the field of alert notifications to law enforcement and first responders in the event of an active shooter or other crisis. situation. Our technology reaches across dozens of vertical markets spanning every state in the U.S. Our systems are completely customizable and feature an open-ended API platform that permits integration with almost any communication system that may already be in place at your organization.

To ensure complete coverage across the United States, we have many established communication protocols with law enforcement agencies across the United States.  These established connections expand every day as law enforcement agencies accept our life-saving critical incident response communications.

If your law enforcement agency is interested in receiving our communications from installed businesses in your area (Its FREE to Law Enforcement), please fill out the form below.



Direct Communication to Law Enforcement In Your Area

ASR Alert Systems Direct Communications

Current Direct Communications with Law Enforcement - New Locations Added Every Week.  If You Are Interested in Receiving Direct Communications from ASR-installed systems in your area, please connect with us today.



ASR is proud to align with the following Law Enforcement Organizations across the United States