The U.S. is facing an Epidemic

Mass Shootings 2014-2022


1,079 Injured
262 Killed


1,337 Injured
369 Killed


1,536 Injured
452 Killed


1,797 Injured
435 Killed


1,330 Injured
372 Killed


1,707 Injured
465 Killed


2,543 Injured
513 Killed


2,844 Injured
702 Killed



2,111 Injured
498 Killed
Source: Gun Violence Archive


How Can ASR Help and How Do ASR Systems Work?


Our critical incident response technology uses hard-mounted buttons, mobile pendants, and a mobile phone application to DIRECTLY communicate with first responders in the area to significantly decrease response times to an active threat or crisis situation.  ASR Alert Systems prides itself on providing ADA-compliant technologies to make safety accessible to all.



ASR Alerts to Mobile Devices While Already Notifying Police

Emergency Presented

Emergency Presented
An emergency or threat presents itself in your school, business, or establishment. Immediate action is needed to tend to the situation at hand as the clock is ticking.

System Is Activated

System Is Activated
The ASR Alert System (critical incident response technology) is activated via one of the stationary wall-mounted activation points. mobile pendant lanyards or ASR APP.  Sirens and strobes are initiated to alert personnel and to disorient the active shooter/assailant.

Instant Alerts Begin

Instant Alerts Begin
Upon initiation, all personnel within the organization, as well as local law enforcement, will receive immediate emergency alerts via text and email notifications.  Our critical incident response technology is the trigger to initiate a life-saving response from law enforcement.

Quick Response from First Responders

Quick Response
The nearest law enforcement personnel will be able to move quickly to neutralize the threat and tend to the emergency at hand.  The ASR Alert System saves time by providing the exact location of the threat as well as images from the system cameras.  Learn how to buy.

Merging Technology and Life-Safety Training

Having technology is one piece of the puzzle.  ASR can work holistically with organizations to Identify Risks and Vulnerabilities, Implement Strategic Technology Solutions, Incorporate Technology Into Organizational Response *Plans, and Implement Life-Safety Training to Save Lives

Who Can Benefit from ASR Alert Systems?

Who Can Benefit from an ASR System - Schools
Who Can Benefit from an ASR System - Hospitals
Surgery Centers
Who Can Benefit from an ASR System - Airports
Airports &
Who Can Benefit from an ASR System - Workplace
Who Can Benefit from an ASR System - Stadiums
Who Can Benefit from an ASR System - Large Events
Large Events
Who Can Benefit from an ASR System - Warehouses
Who Can Benefit from an ASR System - Distribution Centers
Who Can Benefit from an ASR System - Houses of Worship
Houses of
Who Can Benefit from an ASR System -Manufacturing Facilities
Who Can Benefit from an ASR System - Retail
Retail &
Who Can Benefit from an ASR System -Your Building or Organization

What Sets the ASR Technology Apart From APP Only Solutions?

Here are some of the major differences between a DEDICATED HARDWARE solution, that ASR offers, vs all other app only based products. 

Reflex & Muscle Memory During a Life-Threatening Event

Studies have proven that performing simple tasks, such as entering your passcode into your phone, then dialing 911 can be nearly impossible for most people when their lives and those around them are in danger.

Copy of APP BASED-1

Now, imagine unlocking your phone, then scrolling to find the app that you never use, opening it, then scrolling through the long list of options, locating the type of emergency that pertains to your situation, then entering in the number of fields required to identify & validate your request for emergency response.

All of this is under the assumption that your mobile device is on your person at the start of the event. 

Note: ASR offers a mobile application as a complement to our comprehensive system.  End-users can purchase the application as a stand-alone system, but we strongly encourage the app be used as a compliment to our comprehensive options.


Vulnerabilities with Connectivity and False Alarms

Apps are fully dependent on WIFI or cellular for connectivity. Because of this, reliability can quickly become an issue. After you’ve sent your message to law enforcement, how are you sure that it was received and taken seriously? Does dispatch first try to contact the location and verify before sending police? Ultimately slowing down response time.  ASR utilizes both, Cellular and Hard-Wired broadband connections to Communicate events. 


When a facility has hundreds of employees &/or students with an arsenal of emergency buttons in their pocket (apps), accidental activation is inevitable.  People & police can become “numb” to alerts from these sources after too often being used to either, falsely report incidents, or report incidents that are less than life-threatening.  ASR does offer a phone application for our alert systems, but we strongly encourage it be used in conjunction with our comprehensive offering.

Laws are Quickly Changing with Life-Saving Alert Devices 

Life-saving alert devices for situations where a facility is under attack are quickly becoming mandatory in many buildings. And while some areas are applauding apps as an effective solution, as these laws spread from state-to-state, the requirements are likely not going to be satisfied by an app-only solution.


It is reasonable to assume that laws will be similar to some bills that have already passed, that require a dedicated hardware solution like ASR. Ultimately, facilities that invest in low-budget, less-effective app-only solutions, will soon be forced to re-invest in the proper equipment that will satisfy these needs. 

ASR offers the best critical incident response technology solution in the industry. Our reliable and redundant methods of alerting persons who are in danger, as well as providing the fastest notification to law enforcement by communicating directly with police dispatch are not matched.


The ASR Critical Incident Response Technology Solution is the Most Reliable Alert Notification System on the Market.  There is No Superior Solution.

ASR strongly believes that having dedicated hardware that is readily available and easy to operate is KEY when it comes to life-saving tools.

By utilizing dedicated sirens & strobes (combined with optional alerts on mobile devices), the situation is clear to anyone. And the response time is going to be incomparably faster and more reliable. 

Note: ASR offers a mobile application as a complement to our comprehensive system.



ASR Virtual Technology Demonstrations

ASR Now Offering Virtual Demonstrations-1

Scheduling a Demo is Easier Than Ever

New Virtual Demonstration Platform

In response to the current crisis, with the leadership of our very own Adam Smith and John Discepolo, ASR has expanded our reach nationally. We are pleased to announce that, in line with social-distancing, we have developed and constructed a virtual demonstration platform. This will allow us to provide interactive demonstrations so that your organization can make decisions today for the safety of tomorrow.

It is part of our DNA to promote safety and we are determined to save time and lives while still being socially responsible during this pandemic.


What Our Clients Say

Coral Springs Police Department

“We welcome this type of technology." Getting that information out to our officers, as well as staff at the school, and getting everyone on the same page quickly is incredibly helpful to law enforcement during a crisis."

George Soberon
George Soberon, Captain, Coral Springs Police Department

Rick Kaiser

It's been great to work with the ASR Team. Having the Threat Alert System installed has provided another important layer of security to our organization. Thank you Team ASR and special thanks to the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office!

Rick Kaiser - Master Chief (SEAL - Ret.)
Rick Kaiser - Master Chief (SEAL - Ret.) Executive Director, National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum

Admirals Cove

Our Security and Medical teams can now respond within seconds of an emergency thanks to the ASR Alert System. Great concept and we are glad to have it at Admirals Cove.

John Herring, Chief Executive Officer
John Herring, Chief Executive Officer, The Club at Admirals Cove

Fort Hancock I.S.D.

“Working with the ASR team was easy and fast!  They not only trained our staff, but also helped us gain a better understanding of where we needed help.  Just knowing that we can now protect our students with the simple press of a button... is fantastic!”

Tomas Chavez Jr., Director of Technology, Fort Hancock Independent School District

St Andrews

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Academy puts the safety of our students & staff at the highest priority. ASR Alert Systems provides us the enhanced safety communications that we believe will save lives. Their team provided stellar consultation & customized options throughout our campus.  Their expertise is unmatched!

Rhonda Blakey, Director of Development & Public Relations

Summit Academy Charter School

“Having this layer of protection puts our school ahead of the pack. Knowing that we now have critical life-saving technology with the simple push of a button or pendant, to protect our students and staff is fantastic.”

Gus Prats, Principal, Summit Academy Charter School