School No Cell Phone Rules and Threat Alert Systems

School No Cell Phone Rules and Threat Alert Systems (2)

It's that time of year.  Students are getting back to school and thousands are going back to brick and mortar.  Most schools are doing a great job making sure students will be safer when facing possible Covid-19 exposures and this is all great news for everyone.

Something that is front of mind for many is the ever lingering threat of violence that still plagues our society.  This epidemic of violence naturally spills over into schools and our most vulnerable and valuable citizens remain targets.

Across the nation, many schools are taking action by installing threat alert systems in schools.  There are dozens of companies selling these systems across the United States, but nearly 100% of them are mobile application based systems ONLY.


An app only based threat alert system is just what it sounds like.  Users download the provider app to their mobile phones.  In an active shooter or other crisis situation, users would access the app on their phones to summon help.  Seems fairly straightforward, until you consider the real world.

Put aside the basics of psychology in a crisis, where most fine motor skills are lost.  In an emergency, finding an app that you never use on a regular basis alone could cost precious time.  This in and of itself is a reason that ONLY having a mobile app is a bad idea, but an even louder issue with mobile apps surrounds school cell phone policies.



School No Cell Phone Rules and Threat Alert Systems

Most schools have a no cell phone use policy.  That's right.  Most schools have a no cell phone use policy during school hours, yet some of those same schools are considering or installing a threat alert system that relies solely on a cell phone app.  Even teachers are being asked to tuck their cell phones away during school hours.  So how does this make any logical sense?  If 99% of the persons IN the school cannot access the device needed for help during a crisis AT THE SCHOOL, how does the threat alert system that relies SOLELY on an app even help?

Allow yourself to be placed in a real-life situation.

  • You are an employee, student, or guest.
  • You have been trained or as a guest not yet been trained or informed to download an app.
  • You do not have your phone on you or are NOT ALLOWED to have your phone on you.
  • Or you don’t have cell reception.
  • Now, the app is activated about a shooter in the building. How would you know?

Your phone is not activated to the alert. There are NO sirens, NO strobes, or any other method of providing you with an alert to warn you of the danger.  What if you have a disability that prevents you from quickly or easily viewing an alert on your phone?  School No Cell Phone Rules and Threat Alert Systems relying on cell phones do not work on a school-wide basis or in real-world situations.


The ASR Threat Alert System has dedicated alert buttons that are mounted in convenient locations (such as in a classrooms or near office doors) or wearable pendants.  Staff can activate an alert and provide law enforcement with all of the necessary information to respond with the PRESS OF A BUTTON.  By depressing the ASR Alert Button, Law Enforcement know the location name, address, location within the facility, and type of emergency.  In addition, by utilizing dedicated sirens & strobes (combined with optional alerts on mobile devices), the situation is clear to anyone. The response time is going to be incomparably faster. Saving Time Saves Lives.

* ASR does offer a mobile application as a complement to our system, but no system should rely solely on an APP.


Alyssa’s Law addresses the issue of law enforcement response time when a life-threatening emergency occurs. The law calls for the installation of warning lights and a panic alarm in schools to provide the fastest possible support during a code red situation. In a code red, every second counts.  Alyssa's Law has now been passed in the states of New Jersey and Florida.  Petitions have been started to ensure the Alyssa Law gets passed at the national level.  

ASR Alert Systems is a state-of-the-art security technology specializing in the field of threat alert notifications to local Law Enforcement and First Responders in the event of a crisis. The threat notification capabilities include Active Shooter/Assailant, Medical and Severe Weather. Our team of professionals has diverse experience in Security, Law Enforcement and Special Operations Military. ASR has melded these capabilities for use in both the public and private sectors. Our system meets and well exceeds the requirements of Alyssa’s Law and our PATENTED technology can be met by no other.

Learn More about how ASR works with Alyssa’s Law Here

As this vital legislation is proposed across the country, ASR is here to help. Our system can be installed in any building and can be customized for a client’s specific needs. Large or small, indoor or out, we have you covered. To learn more about the different systems we have, please CLICK HERE.

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