Utilizing Best Practice Standards in Emergency Response Planning

NFPA 3000 ASHER Program

Observing the rise of active shooter incidents In the United States and having real-world operational and tactical experience in this arena has given ASR the distinct opportunity to bring our disruptive and patented technology to market.  Understanding how untrained individuals react along with the conventional 9-1-1 delay for first responders led to our technology that immediately conveys critical information, reduces response times, and saves lives when a critical incident happens.

At ASR, it is our goal to save lives, hands down.  While we have expanded our efforts into threat alerts for medical, security, severe weather, and hazmat emergencies....our roots are based on mitigating loss of life in active shooter situations.  

With this goal in mind, ASR is proactive in sharing industry standards and best practices with our readers, clients, and partners.  We do so to encourage a deeper understanding of the active shooter epidemic we face and to save as many lives as possible,  One such standard that we would like to highlight today is NFPA 3000's ASHER Program.

A Standard for An Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) by NFPA 3000

As we watch the consistent stories of more and more violent events across the United States, it is vital that we all understand how to prepare for these types of situations.  Even though rare, active shooter emergencies and other violent incidents can happen anywhere and at any time.  This means that we all have to understand how to be prepared in case it happens to us.  To address that need, NFPA® developed a new standard – NFPA 3000™, Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program

NFPA 3000 ASHER Program (1)

The purpose of NFPA 3000™ is to identify the minimum program elements needed to organize, manage, and sustain an active shooter and/or hostile event response program and to reduce or eliminate the risks, effects, and impacts on an organization or community affected by these events.

According to the FBI, there were 345 active shooter events between 2000 and 2020 resulting in 2,831 casualties, excluding the shooter.   The NFPA document addresses the following areas as they relate to active shooter safety planning:

  • Planning
  • Assessing risks
  • Developing community-wide programs
  • Responding
  • Establishing competencies
  • Communicating to all stakeholders
  • Recovering
  • Planning recovery efforts
  • Taking into account healthcare and mental health issues

The 56-page document approaches each section of learning by addressing communities, unified command, response, and recovery.  All of these areas should be addressed and included in an emergency response plan.  The information contained in the program can help:

  • Policymakers
  • Facility Managers
  • First Responders
  • The General Public

NFPA 3000 ASHER Program (2)The program is for all people associated with safety planning for any school or organization and develops a roadmap to bring all safety stakeholders together in order to develop the most robust safety plan should an active shooter event occur.

For free access to the complete and most current version of all NFPA documents, click here. To download the NFPA ASHER Program Fact Sheet click here.

 At ASR, we feel it is vitally important for everyone to be aware of existing safety standards available.  As people enter into response planning, it is vital to know, understand, and consider these accepted (and publically available) standards so that any subsequent organizational planning can align.  In doing so, an organization can feel confident that planning is incorporating best practices and establishing robust and professionally guided policies and procedures.  In this manner, organizations can prepare for the best possible outcomes should tragedy strike.

ASR Alert Systems

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