Marblehead Jewish Community Center Implements ASR Crisis Response Solution - JCC North Shore Use Case

Jewish Community Center Use Case

ASR's mission is to protect people. We know, from decades of military and law enforcement experience that saving time saves lives in crisis situations.  We have dedicated ourselves to mitigating loss of life when tragedies, like active shooter events, occur.

For houses of worship, the threat of violence has been steadily increasing in recent years.  FBI hate crime statistics show that incidents in churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques increased 34.8% between 2014 and 2018, the last year for which FBI data is available. 

Houses of worship have long been targets for religiously and ideologically motivated violence. Recent increases in attacks are symptomatic of a rise in hostility directed at others on the basis of their religion. The perception of houses of worship as gathering places for ethnic and religious diversity increases their symbolic value as targets for politically, religiously, and ideologically motivated assailants.  Additionally, houses of worship are especially vulnerable targets for violence as they are often highly visible, open to the public, and actively welcoming of strangers and new visitors. 

Given these realities,  coupled with the dramatic rise in mass shootings across the United States, many religious organizations are taking safety ever more seriously and opting for solutions to provide the best possible outcomes should tragedy, like an active shooter, strike.  

In this case study, find out how ASR Alert Systems worked with Instant Alarm to deploy a solution to help the JCC North Shore ensure the safety of its members by implementing state-of-the-art active shooter critical incident response technology.

Mission: Prepare and Respond to Crisis Events for the Safety of JCC Members and Patrons

The Jewish Community Center (JCC) of the North Shore is committed to being the central gathering place for Jewish life, learning, and culture on the North Shore in Marblehead, Massachusetts; offering enriching experiences to strengthen Jewish identity and connection to the state of Israel; enhancing all members’ social, physical, educational and spiritual lives; and strengthening their relationship with the community at large.

The JCC hosts a wide range of members and patrons each day with a diverse range of programs for their Jewish Community to include:

  • Fitness Programs
  • Sports Programs
  • Aquatics Programs
  • Early Childhood Development Programs (Preschool)
  • Daycare
  • Children's Camps
  • Afterschool Care
  • Arts and Culture Gatherings
  • Club Gatherings and Trips

Given their impressive community offering, the JCC is a bustling and busy community center with great engagement.  Andrew Dalton with the JCC notes, "We are constantly on track trying to keep up with security and safety, especially since we have lots of children on-site at all times."  He continues, "The Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh was definitely something that, when it happened, it occurred to me that the Rabbi could have had a button to set off an alarm."

With this in mind, decision-makers knew that in urgent situations, they needed a solution to get help fast should an act of violence occur at their location.   This is where ASR Alert Systems and Instant Alarm stepped in to help.

Solution: The ASR Threat Alert System

The solution was technology with strategically placed panic buttons throughout the facility that allows for quick deployment in any of the many buildings at the community center, should an act of violence happen.  

ASR Alert Systems is a patented state-of-the-art critical incident response technology specializing in the field of alert notifications to Law Enforcement and First Responders should an active shooter event or other crises occur. The system is designed to allow communication directly with law enforcement with the press of a button, reducing response times, which in turn can save lives. The technology can be customized to any building and is designed to integrate with existing technology solutions and critical incident response policies.

"It's frankly scary to see one active shooter situation after another without having great systems to be in place to be able to counteract or prepare and keep the kids and members safe. When we came across the ASR system via Instant Alarm, we loved the idea of having something that communicated so fast," says Dalton.

What separates ASR Alert Systems from the competition is their patented technology which sends an emergency notification directly to First Responder (Police) Dispatch Centers, Real-Time Crime Centers, and all those under attack. The critical information delivered mitigates response times during an emergency. Trying to seek shelter, unlock a cell phone, and dial 911 during a crisis can be alleviated with the ASR Threat Alert System.

Jewish Community Center Use Case (1)

With the ASR Threat Alert System installed, the JCC North Shore now has the ability to contact local first responders allowing officers in the area to be contacted should a crisis, like an active shooter event, occur at the community center. This allows first responders and police to know what is happening, the exact location of where it is happening (including address, aerial images, and location within the building), and who it is happening to. This not only helps police respond immediately with accurate information, but it also helps those inside the building to know where the threat is located so they can run away from the danger, not towards it. 

Result: Fully Automated Direct Communication to First Responders

The successful deployment of the ASR Threat Alert System solution gives members and staff at the JCC North Shore the ability to summon help in an emergency with the simple push of a button. By integrating this technology with their current response policies and procedures, the JCC is helping to ensure the best possible outcomes should crisis strike because saving time saves lives.  

“I think about where our JCC is located on the hill with the temple, store and school.  Being able to provide fast communications in emergencies is a good thing," says Dalton.

At ASR, we understand the complexities of active shooter and other crisis events.  Our staff is trained in all facets of these events and we approach all of our systems from a vulnerability assessment perspective.  We know that communicating accurate information to first responders is key to reducing confusion and is critical for everyone involved.   Saving time DOES save lives. 

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