How First Responders Get Notified in Support of Alyssa's Law?

How First Responders Get Notified in Support of Alyssa's Law

Alyssa’s Law is critical legislation addressing the issue of law enforcement response times when a life-threatening emergency occurs because SAVING TIME SAVES LIVES. The law calls for the installation of a mobile panic alert system in schools that is directly linked to law enforcement, so that, in the case of any emergency they will get on the scene as quickly as possible, take down a threat, and triage any victims.

Once schools implement the systems now required by Alyssa's Law, how will first responders get notified?  (Alyssa's Law in effect in New Jersey and Florida with efforts being pursued for the law to be implemented nationwide).

ASR Alert Systems is a state-of-the-art patented critical incident response technology specializing in the field of threat alert notifications to local Law Enforcement and First Responders in the event of a crisis. The threat notification capabilities include Active Shooter/Assailant, Medical Emergencies, Severe Weather, and more. Our team of professionals has diverse experience in Security, Law Enforcement, and Special Operations Military. ASR has melded these capabilities for use in both the public and private sectors.  Here is how it works.

  1. Emergency Presented - An emergency or threat presents itself.  Immediate action is needed to tend to the situation at hand as the clock is ticking.
  2. System Is Activated - The ASR Alert System (critical incident response technology) is activated via one of the stationary wall-mounted activation points, mobile pendant lanyards or ASR APP. Sirens and strobes are initiated to alert personnel and to disorient the active shooter/assailant.
  3. Instant Alerts Begin DIRECT to LAW ENFORCEMENT - Upon initiation, all personnel within the organization, as well as local law enforcement, will receive immediate emergency alerts via text and email notifications. Our critical incident response technology is the trigger to initiate life-saving response.
  4. Quick Response - The nearest law enforcement personnel will be able to move quickly to neutralize the threat and tend to the emergency at hand. The ASR Alert System saves time by providing the exact location of the threat as well as images from the system cameras.

ASR is wholly dedicated to saving time to save lives and we approach our critical incident response technology from the perspective of those responding to crisis events.  Communicating DIRECTLY with first responders is what makes ASR different from every other system on the market, we hold the patent on this technology.

How First Responders Get Notified in Support of Alyssas Law

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