Critical Incident Response Technology

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What is Critical Incident Response Technology?

Critical Incident Response Technology is technology dedicated to alerting first responders of a crisis situation at a school, business, building, or event (indoor or outdoor).  Reputable alert systems utilize critical incident response technology that communicates DIRECTLY with those that will respond to the event.  This technology, when done right, can send the alerts SIMULTANEOUSLY to the officers and first responders while still sending alerts to traditional contacts such as 911 and dispatch call centers.  By sending the alert DIRECTLY to those that will respond (rather than waiting for a 3rd party center to contact them) PRECIOUS time is saved which allows those who will mitigate the threat and treat any wounded to get there MUCH faster than ever imagined.

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The ASR Critical Incident Response Technology Solution is the Most Reliable Alert Notification System on the Market. There is No Superior Solution.  We are the trigger to initiate the response to crisis situations and our patented technology works across all industries in the United States.    

ASR strongly believes that having dedicated hardware that is readily available and easy to operate is KEY when it comes to life-saving tools.  By utilizing dedicated sirens & strobes (combined with optional alerts on mobile devices), the situation is clear to anyone. And the response time is going to be incomparably faster and more reliable.  ASR does offer a mobile application as a complement to our system, but no system should rely solely on an APP.

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  • Emergency Presented - An emergency or threat presents itself in your school, business, establishment, or event (indoor or outdoor).  Immediate action is needed to tend to the situation at hand as the clock is ticking.
  • System Is Activated - The ASR Alert System (critical incident response technology) is activated via one of the stationary wall-mounted activation points. mobile pendant lanyards or ASR APP. Sirens and strobes are initiated to alert personnel and to disorient the active shooter/assailant.
  • Instant Alerts Begin - Upon initiation, all personnel within the organization, as well as local law enforcement, will receive immediate emergency alerts via text and email notifications. Our critical incident response technology is the trigger to initiate life-saving response from law enforcement.
  • Quick Response - The nearest law enforcement personnel will be able to move quickly to neutralize the threat and tend to the emergency at hand.  The ASR Alert System saves time by providing the exact location of the threat as well as images from the system cameras.

ASR's state-of-the-art critical incident response technology specializes in the field of threat alert notifications to local Law Enforcement and First Responders in the event of a crisis. The threat notification capabilities include Active Shooter/Assailant, Medical and Severe Weather. Our team of professionals has diverse experience in Security, Law Enforcement and Special Operations Military. ASR has melded these capabilities for use in both the public and private sectors. Our PATENTED technology can be met by no other.

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