ASR Technology Can Integrate Into Existing Systems

Police Officer with Hand Held Radio

As a critical incident technology industry leader, ASR is always evolving to make our systems as robust as possible.  This goal oftentimes revolves around combining our patented technology with other existing systems.  This is just one of the ways that ASR continues to improve the industry as a whole.  Our forward-thinking culture fosters the growth of our offering as well as the opportunities for our partners and clients.

This effort also allows us to apply as many alert redundancies as possible.  Redundancy is at the core of our technology so that, in a crisis, those under attack can take comfort in knowing that crisis notifications are being sent reliably.  Critical Incident Response Technology is technology dedicated to alerting first responders of a crisis situation at a school, business, building, or event (indoor or outdoor). Reputable alert systems utilize critical incident response technology that communicates DIRECTLY with those that will respond to the event. This technology, when done right, can send the alerts SIMULTANEOUSLY to the officers and first responders while still sending alerts to traditional contacts such as 911, dispatch call centers, and internal security. By sending the alert DIRECTLY to those that will respond (rather than waiting for a 3rd party center to contact them) PRECIOUS time is saved which allows those who will mitigate the threat and treat any wounded to get there MUCH faster than ever imagined.

ASR oftentimes gets inquiries about how ASR technology can integrate into existing systems.  One of the more common requests has been about integration with current client radio systems.  We are happy to announce that we have recently developed this integration.  This capability allows ASR to deliver text messages and audio messages to an organic security force within an organization or school.  Why is this integration important?  In a crisis event, if an end-user does not have their cellular telephone available, we now have another redundant capability to communicate within the existing radio systems.  At this time we have conducted the test with our integration partner DAPAGE on Motorola digital radios and can report a successful implementation.

Our integration with Motorola aligns with their MOTOTRBO platform.  Having MOTOTRBO at the heart of an organization helps with productivity, safety, and efficiency.  Businesses around the world trust MOTOTRBO to transform the way they work today.  Integrating the ASR critical incident response technology with superb audio and expansive radio coverage unleashes an expansion in communication during a crisis event.

In addition, to help make active threat detection technology even more valuable for organizations, the ASR system can be integrated with other security-related systems including Video Management Systems (VMS), access control systems, public announcements (PA's), and scrolling board platforms. ASR can also be integrated into Law Enforcement Real-Time Crimes Centers (RTCCs) and 911 Dispatch Computer Automated Dispatch (CAD) software. Having ASR as part of your organization's incident response plan is a value-added benefit.

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