The ASR Medical Alert System

While most people know us for our Threat Alert System (TAS) intended for active shooter events, it is also important to understand the full breadth and depth of our product offerings.  Today we discuss the ASR Medical Alert System (MAS).

The ASR Medical Alert System utilizes the same types of components as the TAS; wireless hard-mounted buttons and mobile pendants.  When the system is activated (push of a button), alerts go to pre-determined contacts alerting about emergency medical issues along with the location where the button was pushed.  This allows for responders to quickly deploy to the location and situation at hand.  The faster that medical help can be rendered, the more likely the issue or injury will NOT be life-threatening.

ASR Medical Alert System

Here are some ways that our Medical Alert System can help:

  • School gymnasiums (for injury alerts straight to the nurse)
  • School cafeterias (for food allergy alerts straight to the nurse so life-saving medicine can be brought immediately, for choking, etc.)
  • Office Buildings (any medical emergency, near aFIB equipment, etc)
  • Warehouses (any medical emergency alerting in large spaces)
  • Manufacturing Facilities (line injuries, other medical emergencies alerting in large spaces)
  • Assisted Living Facilities (any medical emergency alerting onsite medical staff)
  • Amusement Parks (Any medical emergency alerting onsite medical staff to pinpoint the location of incident).
  • Water Parks or Water Activity Facilities (drowning emergencies or any other medical emergency alerting onsite medical staff and via mobile pendants with lifeguards)
  • Restaurants (kitchen injuries)
  • Heavy Machinery Environments (instant injury alerts)
  • Fitness Clubs/Private Clubs (alerts from court areas to alert staff of an injury).

These are just a handful of examples of how clients have tasked us to help them.  In reality, the opportunities are endless as we customized the system and alert protocols SPECIFIC to the location in need.  When a medical emergency happens at your school or business, help is summoned with the simple push of a button.

Having a medical alert system at your facility can:

  • Make a call for help easier for the victim or a bystander.
  • Eliminate the need for the injured party or a bystander to have to run for help.
  • Eliminate the need for the injured party or bystander to make a phone call for help.
  • Make alerting faster so that medical attention can be rendered as soon as possible.
  • Give responders the location of the incident with no communication from the injured party.
  • Reduce liability for the organization by providing medical help faster and more efficiently.
  • Reduce the risk of further injury or death in medical emergencies.

Employers who have a medical alert system are actively engaged in protecting their employees.  In doing so, students/employees can feel confident that their school/employer really does care about their well-being and safety.  It is important to act fast when someone is having a serious medical issue or injury and the ASR Medical Alert System helps to trigger the life-saving response needed in many medical situations.  Seconds count and getting help fast can make all the difference if it is your emergency.



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