In the News with ASR

Workplace Violence Rising

Alert Fatigue

Stop the Bleed

Mama Bears and School Safety

Mental Health May

School Emergency Operations Plans

Tornado Alerts

Violence in Healthcare Settings

Active Shooter Survival and Your Fear Response

Food Insecurity and Violence

Hope Is NOT a Plan

Overspending and School Safety

Jewish Community Center Use Case

Workplace Violence Trending Up in 2022

Course Review FEMA IS907 Active Shooter: What You Can Do

Using Only An App for Life Safety

Active Shooter Trial by Jury

NFPA 3000 ASHER Program

Ostrich Effect and School Safety

School Violence 2022

ASR Medical Alert System

Course Review FEMA IS904 Active Shooter Prevention

Gun Violence in Schools

Established Guidelines for School Safety

Lingleville ISD Use Case

Oxford Michigan Active Shooter

FBI Accountable Parkland

Students Have Had Enough Demand Safety

New Workplace Violence Prevention Regulations

Formula of Responsibility

TikTok Challenges School Safety

Parkland Shooter Pleads Guilty

Deadliest Year on Record

Panic Alert Systems Are Not Created Equally

Safe Community Initiative

Heritage High VA Active Shooter

Mass Shootings 1990s High

Choosing a Panic System

Business Reputation Post Active Shooter

Terrorism Threat United States

JFK Medical Center North Campus Use Case

Return to School and Safety

Safety a Top Priority for Education

2021 Campus Safety Knowledge

ASR Expands National Reach

ASR Sponsors Mass Notification Symposium

ASR Sponsors - Campus Safety Conference Texas

ASR Achieves National Reach

ASR Financing

Active Shooter Insurance

Indiana School Safety Grant HEA 1225

Active Shooters 20 Years FBI Report

Its No Longer a Matter of IF

San Jose VTA Active Shooter

Restaurants Mitigate Violence Risks

Active Shooter Events What To Do

Respond and Prevent Mass Shootings

A Retired Navy Seal Combats the Active Shooter Epidemic

Grocery and Retail Fears Now Include Active Shooters

Fire Alarms Are NOT for Active Shooter Events

Active Shooter Indianapolis FedEx

Four Active Shooter Events in the first 2 Weeks of April 2021

Active Shooter Events and Foreseeable Risk

Virginia Beach Oceanfront Night of Violence

Active Shooters Colorado and Georgia Starting A Deadly 2021

Safety Strategies for Hospitals

Law Enforcement Worries for 2021

Active Attack Protocol Review

Think Like a Victim in a Crisis

National School Safety Push Three Years After Parkland

Employees Do Not Feel Safe at Work

Prescription for Mass Violence

Medical Emergencies and Covid-19 Vaccine Allergic Reactions

Preparing Your School or Business for Threats

A Pandemic Inside a Pandemic — Domestic Violence Rise During Covid-19

Mass Shootings in 2020 A Year In Review

Is your School prepared with an emergency alert system?

Campus Crisis Event Plans

Dramatic Increase in Mass Shootings in 2020

Defunding the Police in the Age of Active Shooters

Covid-19 Virtual Active Shooter Drills

Is your Organization Prepared for a Medical Emergency?

ASR Technology Can Integrate Into Existing Systems

Saving More Lives in A Crisis Event

Panic Buttons Are Not Just for Active Shooter Events

103 House Bill Texas Would Require An Emergency Alert System

ASR Emergency Alert System for Schools & Businesses

How First Responders Get Notified in Support of Alyssa's Law

Alert Systems in Schools

Reduce Police Response Times Using ASR Technology

Alyssa's Act, Alyssa's Legacy Youth in Schools Safety Alert Act

911 Emergency Call Services Outages in Multiple States

Critical Incident Response Technology

Summit Academy Charter School Installs the ASR Threat Alert System

Mitigate Threats with a School Security System

School No Cell Phone Rules and Threat Alert Systems

Back to School with Covid-19 and Mass Shootings

Mitigate Threats with ASR Technology for Safe Schools

How ASR Alert Systems Can Realize Alyssa’s Law

How Alyssa’s Law Will Change the Approach to School Safety

Most Advanced Alert Notification System on the Market

ASR Alert System Advantages During Active Shooter Situations

ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING - Only One Line of Defense

How Can ASR Protect You From An Active Shooter?

Mass Shooter Unified Threat Assessment

Who is ASR Alert Systems

Weston School 1st in Broward With New ASR System

Push For 'Alyssa's Law' In Florida

Panel on School Safety: ASR Alert Systems Talks To 850 WFTL

New Safety Tool Installed at Herron High School

ASR on WPTV: Jupiter School Installs New Technology

ASR on CBS12: "Former Navy Seal Creates Active Shooter System"

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ASR Alert Systems is patented state-of-the-art critical incident response technology specializing in the field of alert notifications to Law Enforcement and First Responders in the event of an active shooter or other crisis.  Our technology can be customized to any industry, building, or event.  We deliver customer-specific technology unmatched by anyone.  In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, ASR has now made system presentations available virtually.  To request a virtual demonstration of our patented critical incident response technology, please contact us today.