Alert Systems in Schools

Alert Systems in Schools

A new academic year is here, and with it comes the unavoidable problems and challenges you may face as a school administrator from various threats. When a school has an emergency, the school must have the ability to get the message out rapidly to first responders and staff to make essential emergency decisions, so having an alert system in schools is vital. 

Does your school have a school crisis alert system? If not, it should be a top priority factor to consider to mitigate the hazards of active shooters and medical emergencies. Many states now have a law that requires a school emergency alert system called Alyssa's Law

School Text Alert System

Many schools do not have a school alert system and are not prepared to handle an active crisis event, such as an active shooter on school property. While new strategies and drills are implemented to the school's emergency plan, there is still a need to alert law enforcement as soon as an attack occurs with a school text alert system. 

The School emergency alert system from ASR was developed for K-12 schools and school districts to monitor and supply immediate real-time signals to school staff, administrators, and first responders. The school alert system operates as a threat event system for medical emergencies and active shooter threats.

School Mass Notification System

During a crisis event, staff and students can directly alert law enforcement through the ASR school alert system. The school mass notification system provides critical info to first responders to react and deploy law enforcement. The ASR school emergency alert system can allow First Responders to get direct communications by text once a threat is detected at a school to respond rapidly. 

Suppose an emergency or threat presents itself in your school, having an immediate response is essential since the clock is ticking. The ASR school alert system is activated using a fixed wall-mounted activation point, through the mobile pendant lanyards, or through a mobile app. The school emergency alert system will launch sirens and strobes to alert staff and students of the physical threat and act to take the active shooter/assailant out of predator mode.

School Alert System

Upon initiation, school staff and the local police will receive instant emergency alerts utilizing text and email notifications through the school text alert system and alert consoles. The lockdown alert system is designed to trigger and initiate life-saving action from law enforcement. The closest police officers will have the ability to respond quickly to neutralize the threat at the school. The ASR Alert System saves time by offering the precise location of the threat, so law enforcement has the best advantage in an active shooter event

Lockdown emergency notification systems for schools are quickly becoming required in schools throughout the country. While some schools may be using an app-only-based lockdown alert system, issues could fail with these technological measures. It is probable that laws like Alyssa's Law that recently passed in states like Florida and New Jersey will require a school emergency alert system like ASR over a mobile app-only solution. Eventually, schools that purchase low-budget, less-effective app-only options may have to re-invest in an approved school crisis alert system to comply with state laws for a school mass notification system.

ASR provides the best school emergency alert systems available in the market. Our advanced and redundant strategies for alerting law enforcement and first responders work by communicating directly to them for the fastest response during an active shooter or medical emergency.  

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