Active Shooter Indianapolis FedEx Nine Lives Lost

APRIL 15, 2021 - INDIANAPOLIS – Eight people were killed in a shooting at a FedEx facility on the southwest side of Indianapolis, Indiana.  The shooter was also killed by a self-inflicted gun wound.

Active Shooter Indianapolis FedEx

The call came in before 11 p.m. Thursday of shots fired at the FedEx Ground facility at 8951 Mirabel Road.  The preliminary investigation showed the shooter came to the facility, got out of his vehicle, and started “shooting at random” in the parking lot. He then went inside, according to Deputy Chief Craig McCartt.

McCartt, based on eyewitness accounts, said the shooting lasted “just a couple minutes.”

Eight victims at the scene were pronounced dead, nine including the shooter. Several others wounded in the shooting were transported to area hospitals. There were multiple injuries.
Five people were transported by ambulance, including one in critical condition with apparent gunshot wounds. Three others were transported for other injuries while two victims were treated by medical staff at the scene.

FedEx sent an original statement regarding the shooting saying:

“We are aware of the tragic shooting at our FedEx Ground facility near the Indianapolis airport. Safety is our top priority, and our thoughts are with all those who are affected. We are working to gather more information and are cooperating with investigating authorities.”

Several hours later, the company sent an updated statement:

“We are deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of our team members following the tragic shooting at our FedEx Ground facility in Indianapolis. Our most heartfelt sympathies are with all those affected by this senseless act of violence. The safety of our team members is our top priority, and we are fully cooperating with investigating authorities.”

Indianapolis mayor Joe Hogsett also responded to the shooting:

“This morning, Indianapolis residents are confronted with the horrific news of yet another mass shooting, an act of violence that senselessly claimed the lives of eight of our neighbors. As law enforcement works to learn more about this tragedy, our prayers are with the families of those whose lives were cut short.

Gunman in Indianapolis FedEx Mass Shooting was Interviewed by FBI Last Year2

 The former employee who shot and killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis was interviewed by FBI agents last year, after his mother called police to say that her son might commit “suicide by cop,” the bureau said Friday.

The shooter was identified as Brandon Scott Hole, 19, of Indianapolis, Deputy Police Chief Craig McCartt told a news conference. Investigators searched a home in Indianapolis associated with Hole and seized evidence, including desktop computers and other electronic media, McCartt said.

Hole began firing randomly at people in the parking lot of the FedEx facility late Thursday, killing four, before entering the building, fatally shooting four more people and then turning the gun on himself, McCartt said.  McCartt said four people were killed outside the building and another four inside.  No law enforcement officers were injured.

“There was no confrontation with anyone that was there,” he said. “There was no disturbance, there was no argument. He just appeared to randomly start shooting.”

McCartt said the slayings took place in a matter of minutes, and that there were at least 100 people in the facility at the time. Many were changing shifts or were on their dinner break.

Paul Keenan, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Indianapolis field office, said Friday that agents questioned Hole last year after his mother called police to say that her son might commit “suicide by cop.” He said the FBI was called after items were found in Hole’s bedroom but he did not elaborate on what they were. He said agents found no evidence of a crime and that they did not identify Hole as espousing a racially motivated ideology. A police report obtained by The Associated Press shows that officers seized a pump-action shotgun from Hole’s home after responding to the mother's call. Keenan said the gun was never returned.

Hole was a former employee of FedEx and last worked for the company in 2020. The deputy police chief said he did not know why Hole left the job or if he had ties to the workers in the facility. He said police have not yet uncovered a motive for the shooting.

The killings marked the latest in a string of recent mass shootings across the country.  In other states last month, eight people were fatally shot at massage businesses in the Atlanta area, and 10 died in gunfire at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.  There have been at least 45 mass shootings reported in the US in the past month.

Searching for a Motive3

Police scoured the FedEx facility in Indianapolis and searched the suspected gunman’s home Friday looking for a motive for the latest mass shooting to rock the U.S., as family members of the eight victims spent agonizing hours awaiting word on their loved ones.

The victims ranged in ages from 19- to 74-year-old. They were identified Friday night.

Earlier, Keenan said it would be “premature to speculate” on the gunman’s motive. McCartt said Hole had been a subject of previous police reports, including one in March 2020 when a gun was seized.  Witnesses told investigators they saw Hole with two assault rifles. IMPD said Saturday evening that the ATF conducted a trace on the two weapons and learned that he purchased the rifles legally in July and September of 2020. 

Indianapolis police said that they had not yet discovered the gunman’s motive for opening fire with a rifle late Thursday night at a FedEx processing center near the Indianapolis airport. Officials said they were unaware if Hole had been terminated by FedEx or not.

  • Matthew R Alexander, 32
  • Samaria Blackwell, 19
  • Amarjeet Johal, 66
  • Jaswinder Kaur, 64
  • Jaswinder Singh, 68
  • Amarjit Skhon, 48
  • Karli Smith, 19
  • John Weisert, 74

The gunman had shot and killed himself by the time police responded to the scene, according to investigators.

Five were taken to the hospital by ambulance that officers knew of, and two were treated and released at the scene. It’s unclear if all of them were shot. lMPD Public Information Officer Genae Cook said others took themselves to the hospital and police were still working to get an accurate count.

One of the victim’s family members spoke with NewsNation affiliate WXIN and says his niece was in her car when a gunman started shooting at her vehicle.

“She called as I was asleep at home. She said there was a shooting in the FedEx. So we just drove from Brownsburg,” said Parminder Singh, the uncle of one of the victims.

She was shot in the arm, but he says she’s okay. Singh says she did not know who the shooters were.  The shooting marked the third mass casualty event in Indianapolis since January, including the Adams Street murders in January and the Randolph Street killings in March.


Family Of FedEx Shooter Issues Statement, Apologizes To Victims4

On Saturday Hole's family declined interview requests but issued a statement apologizing:

“We are devastated at the loss of life caused as a result of Brandon’s actions; through the love of his family, we tried to get him the help he needed.  Our sincerest and most heartfelt apologies go out to the victims of this senseless tragedy.  We are so sorry for the pain and hurt being felt by their families and the entire Indianapolis community."

In a news release, IMPD said Marion County’s Coroner’s Office will release cause of death once autopsies are completed.  IMPD said names of other victims will not be released.  

The scale of the crime scene slowed the identification of the victims. The Marion Coroner’s office was not able to access the scene until investigators completed processing evidence and documenting the scene. Some families were still waiting for information about missing loved ones late Friday morning. By 1 p.m. the coroner's office was able to begin its work to identify the victims and notify families.

Several people also expressed frustration that a FedEx policy barring employees from having cell phones with them as they work prevented them from finding out if their family members were OK. 

 Cook said officers located eight deceased victims inside the building, plus the alleged gunman who is believed to have died by suicide.

Investigators from IMPD and Indiana State Police are asking anyone who may have left the scene either for safety or to seek medical care to call IMPD at 317-327-3457 or 317-262-TIPS.

FedEx Addresses Cellphone Policy in Wake of Indianapolis Shooting5

In a statement to The Washington Post on Friday morning, a FedEx spokesman outlined the company’s cellphone policy for workers. Some family members and friends questioned the policy after having a hard time reaching loved ones hours after the mass shooting in Indianapolis.

“To minimize potential distractions around package sortation equipment and dock operations, cell phone access within certain areas of FedEx Ground field operations is limited to authorized team members,” Jim Masilak, a FedEx spokesman, said in an email to The Post.

“I think that we were contacted very quickly, once things started happening,” said Craig McCartt, deputy chief of police for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, when asked if the cellphone policy may have delayed the police response.

“What I have heard is that part of the frustration in family notification has been due to a lot of these employees did not have cellphones,” he said during a news conference Friday morning. As employees fled the facility and were transported elsewhere, he said that many workers had difficulty reaching their loved ones.

Seventy People Have Been Killed in Mass Shootings in the Past Month 

Gun deaths soared to the highest number in 20 years last year, but 2021 is proving to be off to a very deadly start as well.  Since March 17, when eight people were fatally shot in an Atlanta rampage, 70 in total have been killed in mass shootings. (A public mass shooting defined as four or more people killed or injured, not including the shooter.)

The settings have been different, but all involved people being gunned down while going about their daily lives.  The victims had no idea that their lives would be cut short.  They had no warning, but as more and more mass shootings plague our nation, we must acknowledge that we are facing an epidemic and we must all take action to protect our loved ones and the organizations we spend time in each day.  

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