2021 Campus Safety Knowledge

As a key stakeholder in the safety and security of your campus, we'd like to highlight that ASR Alert Systems recently took part in one of the premier safety conferences offered in the United States, the Campus Safety Conference held June 21st-23rd, 2021.

2021 Campus Safety Knowledge

The Campus Safety Conferences (CPCs) are 2 1/2 day, intensive conferences that bring together security, public safety, emergency management, administration, facilities, business, and IT professionals responsible for protecting K-12 and Higher Education campuses and districts.  

Attendees Include:

  • School and University Public Safety Departments
  • Police Chiefs
  • Security Directors
  • Emergency Managers/Risk Managers
  • School and University Administration
  • Student Affairs/Residence Life
  • Superintendents/Heads of School/Deans/Principals
  • IT Managers/Business Manager
  • Operations Managers/Facilities Managers
  • Parking and Transportation Supervisors
  • Law Enforcement Executives
  • Safety and Security Integrators
  • Consultants
  • Campus Safety Stakeholders from All Over the Country

This year's event was no exception when it comes to turnout and education.  ASR engaged with many amazing and safety-centric people as we worked to educate as many people as possible on the active shooter epidemic we are facing as a nation.

2021 Campus Safety Knowledge (2)

Pictured Above:  Top left:  Our demonstration participant and the winner of an ASR Navy SEAL swag bag, Lindsay from Anchorage Alaska.  Top Right:  ASR Booth.  Center Left:  Our President, Hector Delgado, and East Coast Channel Partner Manager, JeffHiatt  Bottom Left and Large Right:  Our President, Hector Delgado, demonstrating the patented ASR Threat Alert System

Key Take-Aways from The 2021 Campus Safety Conference

Below are the topics of discussion at this year's conference:

  • Preventing School Shootings: How Behavioral Analysis and Assessment Can Prevent Tragedies
  • Active Shooter: Preparedness and Prevention Strategies That Will Impact Response
  • Physical and Emotional Safety: Confronting the Next Normal
  • Back in the Classroom: Fall 2021 & Beyond – How Higher Education and K-12 Schools Can Continue Safely with Confidence
  • Outreach Programs: Addressing Homelessness on an Urban Campus
  • Leading and Managing in a Time of Change: How the Employment and Management Landscape has Shifted Since March 2020
  • I’ll See You Tonight: K-12 Student/Parent Reunification (After a Crisis Event)
  • Situational Awareness: Scenario Training and Development Exercises to Increase Vigilance and Knowledge 
  • SW Cares: A District-Wide Student Support Model (Trauma-Informed Care, Mental Health, Substance Abuse & Suicide Prevention, Threat Assessment)
  • Fatal Friday Night Lights: A Case Study of Response and Recovery
  • Cultural Diversity, Stereotypes, and Implicit Bias: Improve Training and Address Misunderstandings
  • 6 Pillars of 21st Century Policing (Law Enforcement Education and Training)
  • A Unique Perspective on Active Shooters: From Childhood Victim to Adult First Responder
  • Improve Student Mental Health and Welfare: How Schools Can Leverage Technology to Help
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Looking Forward: How School Leaders Must be Vigilant in Planning, Preparedness, Prevention, and Response Higher Education
  • Looking Forward: How School Leaders Must be Vigilant in Planning, Preparedness, Prevention, and Response K-12
  • Post-COVID Threat Assessments: Abuse, Neglect, Anger and Suicidal Behavior
  • Helping Administrators and Security Directors Effectively Evaluate, Prioritize, and Implement Safety and Security Investments
  • After School Hours: Event Security and Emergency Preparedness
  • Breaking Down Clery Act Challenges
  • Campus Events and Protests: Creating Policies for Maintaining Safety, Security, and University Support on Campus
  • 2021 State of School Safety Report

Seeing a theme here?  Almost every topic discussed this year at the Campus Safety Conference had something to do with critical incidents that school safety officials must plan for and respond to.  ASR Alert Systems had dozens upon dozens of conversations with decision-makers that were acutely aware of the dangers that educational institutions face.  

Speaker Highlight - FBIJohn

John Iannarelli retired from the FBI after more than 20 years of service, during which time he was the FBI’s National Spokesperson, on the FBI Cyber Division executive staff, an FBI SWAT team member, and the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Phoenix Division, where he oversaw all Criminal, Cyber, and Counter-Intelligence Investigations throughout Arizona. John has participated in many extensive investigations, including:

During his FBI tenure, John was the recipient of the FBI Director’s Distinguished Service Award, for which he was selected from the ranks of the Bureau’s 35,000 employees. John is also the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Computer Science in recognition of his contributions to the field of cyber investigations.

John was a keynote speaker this year at the event covering the topic of Active Shooter Preparedness and Prevention Strategies That Will Impact Response.  Here are a few key points about active shooters from his presentation:
2021 Campus Safety Knowledge (3)
2021 Campus Safety Knowledge (4)

2021 Campus Safety Knowledge (5)

Critical Incident Response Technology - How ASR Helps

There have been 389 mass shootings in the United States in 2021 (as of 7/25/21), according to the Gun Violence Archive, which defines a mass shooting as one in which four or more people are injured or killed.  While it is true that most of these do not happen in a campus or school setting, the worrisome upward trend of violence is the point we must consider.  No matter the setting, the circumstances a victim finds themselves in is the problem.  Responding to the problem quickly is the key to saving lives.

ASR Alert Systems is a patented state-of-the-art critical incident response technology specializing in the field of alert notifications to Law Enforcement and First Responders in the event of an active shooter or other crisis. Our technology can be customized to any industry, building, or event. We deliver customer-specific technology unmatched by anyone.  With the PUSH of A BUTTON, the life-saving critical information of your situation is sent DIRECTLY to police dispatch.  

NOTE:  When you call 911, you are generally reaching a call center who then has to call the local law enforcement department, who then has to communicate the situation to first responders.  This is a contributing factor to slower response times.

The ASR system reaches dispatch and 911 simultaneously and also has the ability to text local officers on the ground - all at the same time, delivering all the information to everyone within seconds.  We hold the patent on this technology.

Our critical incident response technology uses hard-mounted buttons, mobile pendants, and an optional mobile phone application to DIRECTLY communicate with first responders in the area to significantly decrease response times to an active threat or crisis situation.  

How it Works 2021 Campus Safety Knowledge

Quotation Open  ASR’s President, Hector Delgado says, “Our system empowers everyone to notify local first responders, 911 dispatch, and all personnel within their facility in an active shooter/assailant situation with the simple push of a button. The notification pinpoints and provides the exact location of the threat. This not only helps police respond immediately with accurate information, but it also helps everyone involved to know where the threat is located so they can run away from the threat, not towards it. There is no question that the ASR Alert System can make a difference, we truly believe that saving time saves lives!”

To schedule a free virtual demonstration of the ASR Threat Alert System, please CONTACT US today.

John Iannarelli is the author of:
  • Disorderly Conduct- Humorous stories from life inside the FBI. Coming Soon!
  • How to Spot A Terrorist Before It’s Too Late- Help everyday persons recognize & prevent terrorism before it can occur
  • Information Governance Security – How businesses can protect their important information from loss or compromise
  • Why Teens Fail and What to Fix – A parents’ guide to protecting their children from Internet predators and other dangers
  • The Eighty Thieves- the non-fiction story of the first American P.O.W.s of World War II held by the Japanese


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