About Black Lab Alarm

Black Lab Alarm is your local and trusted security systems integrator in Massachusetts. They install and service video surveillance such as upgrading security cameras to IP/Megapixel, alarm monitoring, cloud-based and managed access control, and other security systems for your business. They are a full-service and high-tech integrator equipped to be your complete provider.

In addition to installing and servicing the most state-of-the art security equipment from their local office in Woburn, MA, they also are here to guide you and advise you along the way as emergencies occur, needs change and more.

As your local security systems integrator, Black Lab Alarm is there to advise you as a partner, not just to install security equipment.

Their friendly office staff in Woburn will be there when you call, and their technicians and consultants will meet with you to educate, answer questions and provide you with quality installation and service.

Black Lab’s customers rely on their expertise to protect not only their property and possessions, but most importantly to protect the people that mean most to them in their lives. After all, your family and employees are what matters in the end.

The Black Lab Alarm Story

Their owner, Todd Broyard, grew up with Black Labs in his family. He learned of their admirable qualities from a young age.

The devotion and loyalty to those around them, as well as their work ethic and intelligence is revered by many…not to mention that they are extremely friendly.

Those at “Black Lab” Alarm find that these traits are important in a service provider as well, especially one who provides safety and peace of mind to its clients.

They are determined to provide you with the most state-of-the art security systems, but to do so with your best interest in mind. They will listen to your needs and customize a system that suits you.

They do not have call centers in a far away state and they do not send subcontractors to your house. Like a Black Labrador Retriever, they are very approachable and knowledgeable.

They are your local security systems advisor. 

Locations Served

Proudly serving the great state of Massachusetts.

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