About Automated Interiors

Automated Interiors, Inc. provides custom solutions for today's integrated technology systems. Using a pro-active, solutions-based approach; they identify the mission-critical requirements of their clients, present integrated systems that focus on efficiency and cost and identify unforeseen and unknown technology obstacles.

With an eye towards their client's future expansion possibilities, they design systems that can grow and adapt to a client's ever-evolving workplace.  The elements this brings together include all aspects of systems Automation/Integration, Lighting Control, A/V Distribution, Media technology, IP-based High-Resolution Video Surveillance, and IT/Networking support featuring cloud-managed networking hardware.  

Automated Interiors is a featured and preferred vendor of Mobotix Security Technology, Cisco-Meraki cloud-managed networking hardware, and many other industry-leading technology providers.

With an eye towards our client’s future expansion possibilities, we create systems that can grow and adapt to a client’s ever-evolving work place.
— Daniel Roller

What They Do

All sizes and natures of businesses can benefit from interactive security, managed networking, and building control systems.  Trusted in solutions customized for retail, entertainment, business, manufacturing, and distribution.  From a condo building to an entire college campus, all facility and property managers can benefit from our integrated solutions approach.  Along with Threat Alert Systems, Automated Interiors can also help your business with:




They design and program:

  • Environmental Control Systems
    1. Light
    2. Shade
    3. HVAC
  • Systems Automation and Control
  • Total Systems Integration
  • Proactive Physical Security
  • IP/digital and Analog Video Surveillance
  • Access Control and Digital Identification System
  • Audio and Video Distribution Systems
  • Audiovisual Entertainment
  • Cloud-Based Voice over IP
  • Cloud Monitored Networks
  • Cloud Managed Wifi

Locations Served

We are proud to have Automated Interiors represent ASR Alert Systems in South Florida (Specifically Monroe, Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties)

If you are interested in having Automated Interiors quote your ASR Threat Alert System, please fill out the form below.

ASR Alert Systems

The ASR Team ASR Threat Alert Systems

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