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The Urgent Need for Instant Notifications for School Safety

With the number of active shooters skyrocketing across the US every year, school safety is becoming a concern for many parents and school staff across the nation.  Schools have become the setting for 25% of all mass shootings in recent history and account for several of the largest mass shootings ever reported in the United States.

Response time to incidents is greatly affected by the time it takes to notify law enforcement and first responders.  The process of notifying 911 alone wastes precious minutes and is often ineffective while callers are under duress.  Closing the gap in critical incident response notification reduces response time and mitigates the loss of life by allowing the situation to be stopped and victims to be quickly attended to.

Mass Shootings 2018-2021


1,330 Injured
372 Killed


1,707 Injured
465 Killed


2,543 Injured
513 Killed


2,844 Injured
702 Killed


2,111 Injured
498 Killed

How ASR Helps Bridge the Gap in Communication

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Threat Notification Instantly Reducing Response Time

ASR Alert Systems is a state-of-the-art critical incident response technology specializing in the field of threat alert notifications to local Law Enforcement and First Responders in the event of an active shooter or other crisis. With the push of a button, the ASR system is activated via one of the stationary, wall-mounted activation points or mobile pendant lanyards. Sirens and strobes are initiated to alert personnel and disorient the assailant. All personnel within the organization, as well as local law enforcement, will receive immediate emergency alerts via text and email notifications. 

The nearest law enforcement personnel will be able to move quickly to neutralize the threat and tend to the emergency at hand. The ASR Alert System saves time by instantly providing the exact location of the threat as well as images from the system cameras.

The threat notification capabilities include Active Shooter/Assailant, Medical, and Severe Weather. Our team of professionals has diverse experience in Security, Law Enforcement, and Special Operations Military. ASR has melded these capabilities for use in both the public and private sectors.

School safety legislation is underway in many states.  Some of these would mandate every public school in the state to have a panic button alarm system installed. The intent of this requirement will be to allow a teacher or school employee to be able to communicate directly with local law enforcement in the event of an active shooter or other emergencies, reducing response time, which in turn can save lives. 

          Quotation Open  Who wouldn’t want to give these schools a better chance if something like this were to happen again?” Florida Representative Matt Gottlieb said. “We must continue this congruent effort until we find some preventative solutions to our mass shooting epidemic.”

          Quotation Open  This is here to keep all of us safe. We pray that we never, ever actually need to use it…For us, it’s the right thing to do, this system helps keep our kids safe” said Jacob Godino, Director of Operations, Jupiter Christian School - Jupiter Florida. 

          Quotation Open  ASR’s President, Hector Delgado, says, “Our system empowers students, faculty, and staff to notify local first responders, 911 dispatch, and all personnel within their facility in an active shooter or assailant situation with the simple push of a button. The notification pinpoints the exact location of the threat. This not only helps police respond immediately with accurate information, but it also helps our students, faculty, and staff know where the threat is located so they can run away from the threat, not towards it. There is no question that the ASR Alert System can make a difference, we truly believe that saving time saves lives!”

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ASR Integration Capabilities

To help make active threat detection technology even more valuable for your organization, the ASR system can be integrated with other security-related systems including Video Management Systems (VMS),  Access Control Systems, Public Announcement (PA's), and Scrolling Board Platforms.  ASR can also be integrated into Law Enforcement Real-Time Crimes Centers (RTCC) and 911 Dispatch Computer Automated Dispatch (CAD) software. Having ASR as part of your organization's incident response plan is a value-added benefit.

ASR Alert Systems prides itself on providing ADA-compliant technologies to make safety accessible to all.


Options for Your School

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Being involved with school safety is on every parents mind.  You can help to make certain that YOUR SCHOOL is implementing this life-saving critical incident response technology by encouraging your school to reach out to us to schedule a free demonstration.  

Safety Grants Available Nationwide

More and more, lawmakers are leading the charge for change. All across the nation, multiple safety bills are being passed, and many have associated grant funding. This means free money for your school.  ASR is actively researching multiple bills and has approved funding. To see if your state or county has available funds, CLICK HERE.

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